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Landlords and Brokers

Havenlist helps landlords and brokers lease vacant commercial property
through data rich, tech-enabled software.

What is Havenlist?

We connect landlords and brokers efficiently

Vacancy schedules are a thing of the past. Havenlist lets you easily digitise and distribute vacancies to a whole network of brokers in real-time, who in turn can offer prospective tenants better suited options, fast, and with fewer wasted viewings.

Havenlist Dashboard

All you need to manage vacancies more efficiently

Reduce vacancies and close more deals.


Mobile Friendly

Work your property on the run, and from anywhere.


Consolidated Schedules

Access vacancy schedules in one simple and consolidated format.


Real-time Updates

Receive property updates in real-time, from the landlords themselves.


Auto-generated Brochures

Download or send auto-generated property brochures to your prospective clients.


Advanced Search

Find the best properties for your clients, faster than ever before.


Actionable Insights

Receive property and market insights that help you make smarter business decisions.

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